• Emily Maushardt

The Why - My Goal

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

Do you ever ask yourself if this is it? Is this all that I get out of this one life I get to live?

Now, I realize that makes me sound ungrateful but let me make myself clear, I love my life. In fact, I'm the happiest I've ever been. I am happily married, have three beautiful and healthy young boys, have a successful career in the corporate world and a home that myself and my husband have made our own. So what's the problem? Why am I left with the feeling like there is something else out there waiting for me? I'm happy but I'm not... no, I'm happy but unfulfilled. Now there you have it. How many of you can say you are truly fulfilled? Now, if you can, I commend you. You've found something that people spend their entire lives searching for. If you're still reading this however, there's a good possibility that you can relate to what I'm saying on some level. Or, you're my incredibly supportive Mom. Hi Mom!

“ goal is to build a life I don't need a vacation from.”

I've spent so much of my adult life striving for more. More money, more time, you name it. There were days when my husband and I were newly married and counting change just to pay our electric bill. We had no idea how we'd get through to our next paycheck. If you are someone who struggles financially for whatever reason, all I can say is, I GET IT. And when you don't think it can get any worse, it does. I know this because I've lived it. For whatever reason, we pushed through. We never gave up and you shouldn't either. We learned to capitalize on the crashing market and became self proclaimed home flippers. At the same time, our individual careers blossomed. Was that due to perseverance and hard work, luck of the draw or a combination of both? Who knows. Either way, we are now in the position where we have everything I once dreamed of. I've always wanted more... And you know what guys? I have it. I have the more. And yet, it seems like it's not enough. I'm constantly complaining of needing a vacation. I'm tired of feeling like I'm just coasting through life. I work to live and it should be the other way around. I want to experience life, not watch it play out like an outsider looking in. So from this point on, my goal is to build a life I don't need a vacation from.

Stay tuned for my next blog post on how I'm going to make that happen.


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