• Emily Maushardt

Now what? - The Plan.

I know, I know, I’ve probably kept you guys on the edge of your seats.

I’ve wanted to be more forthcoming with our plans but the truth of the matter is, it’s taken a lot of planning and dedication, leaving me with very little time to actually tell everyone the big news. Let’s start with some back story... You see, it all started one random Monday evening at the dinner table where my husband and I usually stay to talk after the kids have been excused. He just looked at me and knew. He recognized that feeling of defeat. He recognized it because he felt it too. We both voiced the need for change. For wanting more. For the longest time however, we felt selfish for feeling like we wanted more when we already had so much to be grateful for. But something changed. And I can’t tell you exactly what that something was but it just clicked for us. If we wanted things to be different, we had to MAKE it different. You always hear you are the one in control of your own happiness and as cliche as that sounds, it's true people! I’ll spare you from the specific details for the sake of keeping your attention but it was clear that we needed to make immediate decisions in order to regain control of our life or we’d be stuck in the monotony of our daily life without feeling truly fulfilled.

"So much would change but in the best possible way."

The first part of this epiphany of ours was identifying why we were feeling the way we were. If you read my first blog post, then you know we are both in a wonderful place in our marriage and at the height of our careers. Something was still missing. We were lacking freedom and adventure. How could we achieve that freedom and have the adventure we both desperately were seeking to get the most out of this life?

We both knew the answer. You see, we’ve had a long history of buying and flipping homes. It’s become our identity and has created a bond between us that I never expected. Just one more flip, and we could be mortgage free. Would that be enough? It would give us financial freedom and time to do more of what we love without being tied to a mortgage but I just didn’t have it in me to live through another home renovation. It’s hard guys... Really hard! We knew the time had come to sell our home (which we didn’t originally purchase with the intent to flip) and build a home for ourselves. I’m well aware that building brings its own set of different challenges but it’s a dream of ours and something we wanted to make work. For once in our life, we could build our own home instead of someone else’s which my husband has done his entire career. We could start fresh and custom design every aspect versus being confined to limitations with a home renovation. Other aspects of our life would change drastically as well such as me being able to retire from my corporate career to stay home with our three boys. So much was driving this decision. So much would change but in the best possible way.

The cost of land where we currently live in Northern Nevada is astronomical. After going through all the numbers, we knew we could make enough from this home sale to buy property somewhere else with lower land prices, subsidize over a year of living costs with us both not working for a family of five and be able to build ourselves without a loan. To pull this off, we wouldn’t be able to rent a home while building. Not without taking out a loan and living within our means and debt free is something very important to us both and a huge driver of wanting this change in our life. As hard as it will be, trailer living which is a major sacrifice in my book, would be the only solution. A new state, giving up our careers, trailer living and building on a budget all added up to the missing piece of the puzzle. How’s that for adventure?

Stay tuned to find out where we decided to move and how we discovered it.


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