• Emily Maushardt

It's Go TIME!

Everything and I mean everything has happened so quickly. Two weeks after that one very pivotal dinner conversation with my husband that I spoke about in my second blog post, we were on the road discovering the next place we wanted to call home. We don't mess around. This was happening. My husband and I are very active, we need to be in the mountains with abundant wildlife and we want a much slower way of life in a small town to raise our children. We are both from a very small town so there is no surprise there. So small that my graduating class was around 20 and we all went to the same elementary, middle, high school and a good portion of us, college together. We crave that type of life for our children too. All roads lead us to Idaho. It was love at first sight and when we visited, I didn't want to leave. It felt like home and it was then, that we both realized we didn't need to look anywhere else. This is where we would build.

We settled on the small town of Sandpoint Idaho situated on Lake Pend Oreille (pronounced pond oh-RAY) and the ski slopes of Schweitzer Mountain Resort. Our property search was exhausting but we found land with electricity and a well already on it (for those interested on self building, I will write a separate post on important things to consider when purchasing land). Mid July 2018, we put an offer on the land and closed August 2018. We gave ourselves a goal of ten months to finish up our home to list it, tie up any loose ends and be new Idaho residents. We're too stubborn... I mean; I'm too stubborn to have missed that goal date. If you notice, this post is being published exactly ten months after we closed on our land.

The logistics of pulling this all off and moving out of state were much more daunting to me than it was to my sometimes annoyingly, laidback husband. I kid, sort of. He's the one always holding my rope and bringing me back down to reality to normal, human functioning. He didn't flinch and I needed that because I truly can do anything with him by my side. We listed our home and it sold almost immediately. The best part was, I proposed to the buyers to purchase all of our home furnishings separately outside of Escrow which was such a load off our shoulders. We only needed to worry about our personal items and our garage full of tools. We were turning into those people who sell everything and ride off into the wind... Kidding!

The hardest part of this transition is us leaving our family and friends. If you are close to your family like we are, then you may understand how difficult this is. But knowing we have our support system cheering us on is a great feeling.

Our pipe dream is finally coming to life and so happy to finally be able to share every aspect of our build with those that want to follow along.


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